Incline is an Indoor skate and BMX park and is open to skateboarding, BMX, scooters, and inline skating. We are a safe and fun place for youth to come, be themselves and hang out.

Incline first opened it’s doors on January 27th of 2007. Incline Industries is in partnership with Central Alberta Youth Unlimited, a local youth organization that provides programs and mentorship for youth in Central Alberta. (www.CAYU.ca). 

Our Core Values:

What else is happening in this space?

Because of our affiliation with CAYU and other local businesses, we are able to offer other programs that are happening in our space!

Craft Connect (PD Days), Scooter + Skate lessons, Life360 (Tuesday evenings), summer camps, professional counselling… etc! Keep up to date with our social media page for more info on all of these happenings!

And as a bonus, Timber Coffee Co is LITERALLY right beside us. Like, in the same building. It’s a great place for youth to grab a bite to eat, for parents to sip on a coffee while their kids skate, etc. It’s the best of both worlds.